Our Expertise

doc Souvenir mission is to transform your personal memories and life experiences into a perennial audio-visual format to pass on to future generations. The conservation and fidelity of your family history are at the heart of our approach in creating the film of your life.

Our founder and director

A graduate of the prestigious School of Journalism and Communication of Marseille in France, David Fabrega is a documentary filmmaker specializing in biographies, such as Return to Cuba , his film about the life story of a Cuban migrant. His productions have been shown in theaters in many countries and on television on channels such as CBC / Radio-Canada, TV5 Monde and Sciences & Vie TV for more than 10 years.

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Our researcher and interviewer

Author and speaker Nancy Mbatika is fascinated by life stories. She has published books throughout Canada and Europe to help seniors put their life story on paper: Chroniques d’une femme en or : votre histoire and Chroniques d’un homme en or : votre histoire. With a background in social gerontology from UQAM, Nancy also leads writing workshops called ‘Léguez votre histoire’, where seniors can learn to highlight their most important life events and put them in story form.

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